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Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is actually a combination of two towns: Crystal Lake and Nunda. Crystal Lake was located along Virginia Street, and Nunda was located where the downtown area is today.

Before white settlement, Virginia Street was an Indian trail leading from Wisconsin to Fort Dearborn (Chicago). The first settlers came to the area in 1836 and dubbed the nearby lake Crystal Lake. The small village that grew up along the trail was called Crystal Ville. The name was changed to Crystal Lake when the town was formally laid out in 1840.

North of town, the small village of Dearborn was established in 1855. When the railroad came through, it was originally supposed to follow the path of present-day Route 14. When Crystal Lake refused to accommodate the railroad workers, Dearborn stepped in and agreed to put them up. The path of the railroad was altered to pass through Dearborn and a station was built there. Although it wasn't in Crystal Lake, it was called Crystal Lake Station.

When Dearborn was officially platted in 1868, the name was changed to Nunda. Both Crystal Lake and Nunda were incorporated in 1874. Nunda's name changed again in 1908 to North Crystal Lake. The two towns became one in 1914 when North Crystal Lake was annexed to Crystal Lake.

The history of some long-standing restaurants you may remember

Motels & Resorts
Resorts from the old days and motels from more modern times

Crystal Point Mall
The grooviest indoor mall in McHenry County

Pure Oil Research Lab
A large research complex located in Crystal Lake for 35 years

Roads & That Crazy "Wye" Intersection
Local roads and the construction of the Route 31/Route 14 overpass

The lake, country club and other fun spots

Early 1960s

Early 1960s

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